Took advantage of the day off work to do 1-day-build.
Didnt get started till a bit too late to get the texturing done but will make a start tonight before a 1-day-unwrap-texture-and-finish tomorrow…

I think I’ve got the proportions a bit wrong but there’s also the problem of lense distortion/FOV I’ll look into it

3D 3d model Unreal Engine 4 UDK UE4 building abandoned building

So its been a while guys! apologies, I realised most of you were here for Magic related things, I’m afraid to say that magic isn’t quite as prominent in my life as it used to be. This will be fixed I can assure you but I’ve moved to Montpellier in the south of France to work at Ubisoft for 6 months… 2 of which are over :( 

Going to try and give this page some love, and don’t worry magic related art is still happening. in the meantime here’s something I did during lunch times last month.


3D Unreal unreal development kit Unreal Engine Unreal Engine 4 Game Art dmu ubisoft ubisoft montpellier


New Thief screenshots giving you another look at Garrett and the characters he’ll encounter in the City: Erin, Orion, the Queen of Beggars, the Thief-Taker General and the guards of the Watch.